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What we do and how we do it!

Improve Your Product's Search Ranking

Prospective customers try to find products on Amazon by typing keywords into the search bar. If your product doesn't rank well for popular keywords, you'll get "buried" on Amazon's back pages-and customers won't find you!


So, we run "Discovery Campaigns" right within Amazon, to uncover the keywords most frequently used to search for products like yours. When we have them, we'll know exactly how to improve your product's search ranking!


Now that your listing is fully optimized, it's time to drive traffic to it, by employing Amazon Sponsored Ads. These ads bring preferential search rank placement from Amazon, and your listing will benefit nicely from the increased traffic; in addition, because your listing is optimized, conversions will increase.


The net result? Over time, increased traffic and conversions will lift your product higher in organic search rankings-more sales for sure!

Optimize Your Listing

Once we've determined the most popular keywords, we swing into high gear. We not only insert these keywords into your listing strategically, but we also correct any errors or weaknesses in six critical areas:    

  • Title 

  • Pictures 

  • Bullet Points 

  • Description 

  • Reviews 

  • Comparison to Competitive Products.

FBA For Fulfillment (Fulfillment by Amazon)

We fulfill all orders of your product through Amazon's FBA program. With FBA, your listing gets preferential placement from Amazoninto the coveted "Buy Box," where customers can purchase with one click, and where 80% of all Amazon sales occur.


In addition, through the FBA program, your customers will receive outstanding customer service: professional handling and packaging, along with super-fast and free shipping!

Other Services

We offer many other services to make your "Amazon life" simpler. Problems with MAP-breakers or unauthorized sellers? Need to update or enhance your listings? Need to make changes to any part of the Amazon Product Detail Page? We can help with any and all Amazon stressors!


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